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About Us

Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals is a small business based out of Nelson, BC, Canada. We handcraft herbal tinctures, syrups and salves, always in small batches and with the goal of creating the most potent herbal extractions possible.

The herbs we work with are organically cultivated, or wildcrafted (usually by our own hands in western Canada). We are committed to sustainable and ethical harvesting practices. It is our hope that the wild lands of Canada be seen as so much more than their resource extraction value, and that the sustainable harvesting of medicinal herbs from the wild will become a gateway for people to connect with natural areas and work towards their preservation.

We also have a focus on education, and enjoy teaching people in the classroom and in the fields how to identify plants and fungi, proper harvest methods, and how to prepare them into herbal medicines.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at: bluelotusethnobotanicals@gmail.com.

Locally Wildcrafted

A large portion of the herbs we use are harvested in the wild within western Canada. We find that there is a special energy to herbs growing in the wild.

In terms of quality, wildcrafted herbs are beyond organic standards, as they are harvested from pristine wild areas. Wild herbs typically have higher concentrations of medicinal compounds and trace minerals than the same plants grown in cultivation.

We live in an age where almost any herb from anywhere in the world can be shipped to your door. However, we find that those herbs growing in your local environment are often the best medicine, as they know best the environmental challenges that you face, and help you adapt to your local environment.

Learning about the plants that grow where you live not only reconnects you to nature, it gives direct feedback as to the health and vitality of your local ecosystem. Often the best medicine is growing right under your feet.

What are Dual Extraction tinctures?

Most of our tinctures at Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals are made using a special dual extraction process, to achieve optimum potency and extract the full range of beneficial compounds from our herbs.

A dual extraction tincture is made by combining two separate extractions of the herb: A cold extraction into alcohol captures those compounds that have good solubility in alcohol but poor solubility in water, such as essential oils or resins, as well as preserving heat sensitive compounds. A secondary hot water extraction and reduction of the herb extracts those compounds that are more soluble in water, and is able to pull a lot of deeper medicine out of tough plant materials such as roots, barks and mushrooms.

We combine these two separate extracts to create the final tincture blend, ensuring that your tincture contains the full range of beneficial medicinal properties found in the herb.

Where to find us

Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals is home based in the wild Kootenays of Nelson, British Columbia. While you can always order our tinctures online, you can also find us at markets, festivals, and elsewhere around town. Visit our Events page to see where we will be in the next little while!



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